Adopt an Alpaca

How it works

You may not be able to own your own alpaca so why not foster one of ours. We have 10 gorgeous boys to choose from.

Our packages make great gifts for adults and children alike, and are a great alternative present.

What can I expect?
All adoption packages last for one year. 

Silver Packages

The silver package includes a personalised adoption certificate, colour photograph of your chosen animal with a sample of his fleece, some facts about your alpaca along with a personality profile and history of your new friend along with an alpaca fact sheet. You will be able to book up to 2 people a visit to meet him and all his friends. Take photos of him and feed him lots of carrots! You will also receive seasonal updates on what your foster friend has been up to. Priced at £35

Gold Packages

Our gold package includes all of the silver package but you will also be able to book in to walk your alpaca, (note you must be 12 years or above to walk an alpaca, but can accompany and adult of over 8 years of age) priced at £60.
White Suri
Zeus is a very lovable and extremely chatty boy. He can be a little startled by some things so is better with a confident handler.
Black Adur
Black Huacaya
Adur is still young so not as experienced at walking as the others. He is still getting used to new experiences so can get a little nervous. If he has a calm and confident handler, he will give you a great walk. Listen out for his funny little chatter noises!
Brown suri
Bilbo is one of our 2 babies of the group. He has the most adorable nature and the biggest brown eyes, although still learning is progressing well with the walks but can get a little nervous at times. He really likes to be close to his best friend Bond.
Black & White Suri
Rocky is a lovely, gentle character but can be a little anxious about life so needs a calm and confident walker. He likes to be close to the rest of the group when walking.
White Suri
Viking has a lovely gentle nature and provides a calm and relaxing walk. However, take care he does love a roll or 4!
fawn (patches) Suri
Obelix has a lovely, relaxed nature. He can be a little shy but an old pro at walking. He will give confidence to a nervous handler.
Dark brown Huacaya.
Pedro is a determined & quirky character and knows his own mind. If you are firm but fair with him, he will give you a great walk and he does love a carrot or several!
Gold Huacaya
Santi is sweet and adorable but very cheeky. H is very chatty and will be your best friend if you have a carrot reward. He is very good at carrot kisses to!
Fawn Huacaya
Pachu can be a bit of a grumpy older man with the youngsters. But is a bit of a pro at walking and very calm, so great for a slightly nervous handler. He does really enjoy a roll in a sandy patch though, so watch out!
Brown Huacaya
Bond is the youngest of the group, so like Bilbo is still learning new experiences, but most definitely the cheekiest by far. He sometimes forgets his place, pushing the others out of the way to get to the carrots first. Be careful he will also be into your pockets looking for them!

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