Health and Safety Guide

A safety guide to walking with alpacas. We politely ask all guests to sign our online waiver to say they have read and understood our terms and conditions before attending an alpaca walk. All walks MUST be pre-booked, there are NO walk-ins. Please note you can only book to accompany an alpaca with a booking to walk an alpaca.
Terms & Conditions – Walks will leave at approximately 11:15am, following an 11am safety briefing followed by pairing up guests with an appropriate alpaca.
• All guests must attend this safety briefing where they will be instructed on the safety aspects of the walk and how to walk their alpaca to ensure his comfort and safety. Details of this briefing are listed below – and customers are required to sign the on-line Disclaimer Form for ALL participants, prior to attending the walk. Customers who do not sign this will not be allowed to participate on the Alpaca Walk. A parent or responsible adult will be required to sign for and on behalf of children under the age of 16yrs old.
• As our alpaca walks often have different groups of customers going out on the same walk we cannot ‘delay’ a walk for customers who turn up late. So please ensure you arrive by 10.50am to avoid any delays.
• If you have booked an alpaca walk and are running late, or cannot attend on the day, please call us on 07377374371 as soon as possible to let us know. We are unable to refund if you miss your scheduled walk. We will try to reschedule where possible, but this is not guaranteed.
• Children under the age of 8yrs old are not allowed on the alpaca walks. Please always keep all minors under control. Children must be 12yrs old or above to lead an alpaca. Children 8yrs to 11yrs may accompany the walk only. There must be a minimum of 1 adult to 2 minors, (8-15yrs old)
• We will take a maximum of 10 alpacas per walk and due to them being herd animals a minimum of 4.
• Please note you must walk the alpaca assigned to you for the duration of the walk. Guests must not swap alpacas and those with a ticket to accompany only will not be permitted to lead one.
• The Alpaca walk lasts around 1 hour and takes place around our farmland, with fantastic views of the South Downs. The ground is undulating, can be muddy and uneven and is all ‘off road’ along grass paths and tracks through fields and pasture. The ground can be slippery at times, so we suggest proper walking boots, wellingtons, or stout trainers and in the winter suitable wet weather or outdoor clothing.
• Please note we do not allow customers with unsuitable footwear, such as flip flops, open toe shoes or high heels to go on walks for Health and Safety reasons.
• No umbrellas, wheelchairs, buggies, or prams are allowed on the alpaca walk.
• No dogs are allowed on the walk. If we meet dogs while out, please ensure you remain calm and hold tight to the lead rope. The guides will deal with any dogs that are approaching the alpacas.
• No musical instruments, radios, or other equipment for playing music will be allowed on a walk. Please ensure that your phone is on silent and refrain from using it during the walk other than when we stop to take photos.
• All guests must remain quiet and calm around the alpacas and not make any sudden movements. Any continued unacceptable behaviour may result in cancelling or discontinuing the walk. Under these circumstances NO refund will be given.
• Customers with medical problems such asthma or heart disease, with walking or lower limb problems or with a low level of fitness should consider if they will be able to manage the alpaca walk prior to booking it. This is a strenuous walk and not a stroll in the park!
• The alpacas are all well trained and used to human contact, however like all animals they can be unpredictable and may be spooked at any time. We ask our guests to pay full attention to their alpaca during the walk and only to take photos when we stop for this purpose.
• The lead rope should be always held with two hands and MUST NOT be wrapped around the walker’s hand or the alpaca’s neck or allowed to dangle on the floor or touch the alpaca.
• If an alpaca spooks and the walker feels they are unable to hold the alpaca and may get pulled over then let, go of the rope. If the alpaca does break away from a walker, please remain calm as it is unlikely that the alpaca will move far from the group and one of the guides will collect the alpaca.
• Alpacas are herd animals and like to be near to the others so if one falls behind you will be asked to wait until they catch up. If an alpaca needs a toilet stop again, please wait until they are finished.
• Alpacas do not like a tight lead rope or to be dragged so encourage them forward using a short pull-release-pull-release movement and allow them time to observe a new situation.
• Alpacas are generally very kind & docile however they can sometimes kick if they feel they are being ‘crowded’ by others, so we advise walkers not to get too close to the back of other alpacas during the walk.
• Alpacas may sometimes spit. However, they very rarely spit at people, but they do sometimes spit at each other. So, to avoid this always keep a small distance from other alpacas during the walk and when we stop to feed or take photos.
• Please only stroke your alpaca on the neck, please avoid touching their head or back.
• When we stop to feed your alpaca carrots just feed one piece of carrot at a time and hold it flat on the palm of your hand and the alpaca will gently take the carrot off your open palm.
• Once back from the walk the alpacas will be taken from you and the guides will remove their halters. Please do not attempt to do this yourself.
• It is essential for guests to wash their hands with hot soapy water after handling and feeding the alpacas at the end of the walk. We will carry hand sanitiser during the walk if customers would like to use this after feeding the alpacas.

Cancellation policy, refunds, and weather
• NO refund will be given within 30 days of the booking date. A 50% refund will be issued if the cancellation is outside of 30 days of the booking date. Alternatively, the walk can be re-scheduled for another date.
• Cancellations made outside of 7 days of the booking date can be rescheduled a maximum of once according to availability.
• Cancellations made within 7 days of the booking date will not be refunded or re-scheduled unless cancelled by Stud Farm Alpacas.
• We reserve the right to cancel a walk if circumstances arise that are out of our control or if less than 4 guests have booked onto the walk. A full refund will be made if re-booking is not an option.
• If you need to cancel due to a positive Covid 19 result, we will require proof of this. We will then be happy to re-schedule your walk.
• We will require a contact phone number and email address when you book to contact you at short notice should we need to cancel a walk
• Please note that we do walk in rain so be prepared for this by bringing wet weather clothing. We also walk during hot weather so please ensure you have sun cream on, water and suitable clothing. We may cancel a walk due to extreme weather conditions or high winds and torrential rain. If this is the case, we will aim to contact you the night before or at latest by 8am on the morning of the walk.

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