Adopt an Alpaca – Bilbo


What can I expect?
All of our adoption packages last for one year.

Silver Package
The silver package includes a personalised adoption certificate, colour photograph of your chosen animal with a sample of his fleece, some facts about your alpaca along with a personality profile and history of your new friend along with an alpaca fact sheet. You will be able to book up to 2 people a visit to meet him and all his friends. Take photos of him and feed him lots of carrots! You will also receive seasonal updates on what your foster friend has been up to.
Priced at £35.00

Gold Package
Our gold package includes all of the silver package but you will also get the chance to book in to walk your alpaca, (please note you must be 12 years or above to lead an alpaca, but over 8s may accompany a walker).
Priced at £60.00

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