Stud Farm Alpacas assumes no responsibility for any accident, injury or other unforeseen event which may occur during the conduct of an alpaca walk. Alpaca walks could be a higher risk activity for those who are pregnant, young, old, and infirm or for people with medical conditions. Please declare any relevant medical conditions prior to booking. 

Alpacas can be unpredictable, as can all animals, and in some circumstances, they can react in an unexpected manner to the environment, to the conduct of walkers and other third parties, or other animals with which they might meet while on the walk. Every precaution has been taken to minimise the associated risks. However, we cannot be held responsible for any untoward or unforeseen incidents. Please take care and listen carefully to instructions prior to the alpaca walk. Correct footwear is essential, guests with inadequate footwear WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to go out on a walk. All customers wishing to go out on an alpaca walk must sign this disclaimer, this includes those accompanying. 

There must be a minimum of 1 adult accompanying a maximum of 2 children. In the case of children under 16 the form must be signed on their behalf by a parent or carer or by an adult accepting responsibility for the child. All children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

By signing this form, I can confirm that I have both read and understood this disclaimer, read understood and will adhere to the Stud Farm Alpacas terms and conditions and will listen when verbally briefed on how to walk my alpaca safely and behave appropriately on the walk. 

I also confirm that I and or any person or persons for whom I may be signing this disclaimer is healthy and fit and is not suffering from any known ailment, which might impact on their ability to complete this Walk and that I/we do so willingly of our own accord and will not hold Stud Farm Alpacas or its staff responsible for any mishap or accidents which might occur on the Walk.